SIPC Membership is FREE and available to any school district. The district simply enters into an agreement with The SIPC through our Intergovernmental Agreement.

Currently, there are over 400 members benefiting from no-cost access to Tools, Training and Support provided to members by the Schools of Illinois Public Cooperative (SIPC).

This revolutionary program provides value beyond reduced product cost– and addresses the most significant piece of facility maintenance budgets, by focusing on more efficient use of both labor and materials through new technologies and sustainable building practices.


Notice: The Schools of Illinois Public Cooperative (SIPC) is a cooperative, formed by an intergovernmental agreement between its members, which includes a variety of educational institutions, including private and public schools in Illinois and other states. SIPC was formed and operates under the authority of the Illinois Constitution of 1970, the Illinois Intergovernmental Cooperation Act, and the Illinois Governmental Joint Purchasing Act to promote the increased efficiency in the operations of its members, particularly with respect to the procurement of goods and services.

Among its purposes and functions, SIPC seeks to promote cost effective and efficient procurement of various goods and services on behalf of its members. Members may seek to take advantage of the procurement opportunities available through SIPC. However, it remains the responsibility of the Member to determine whether a specific good or service procured through SIPC’s efforts meets the Member’s purposes and whether the procurement meets the requirements of law applicable to that Member. SIPC makes no representations or warranties that any procurement process is in full compliance the requirements of any applicable procurement laws, regulations, ordinances, policies, or rules of any particular state, territory, municipality, or other governmental body, or private entity.