Dear School Administrator:

Many schools struggle with classroom door hardware that cannot be secured quickly or effectively in an emergency. In a moment of crisis, occupants are left vulnerable as teachers fumble with keys or fobs, trying to secure the door.

The Schools of Illinois Public Cooperative wants to inform you that A Better Solution Exists.

SECURITECH’S SAFEBOLT is an easy-to-install and affordable alternative to replacing cylindrical locksets. Fast, simple operation ensures that all occupants are always empowered in a moment of crisis. Home Depot PRO Institutional is promoting Securitech’s unique line of SAFEBOLT Red Button Locking solutions for educational facilities.

SIPC is proud to offer an introduction and video demonstration of SECURITECH SAFEBOLT Red Button Locks classroom security hardware.

Please Join SIPC, Home Depot PRO and Securitech
on June 17th from 9:00 AM – 9:30 AM

SIPC is also offering a member-only rebate to SIPC Members who purchase SECURITECH products. View SIPC Rebate on Securitech Products and contact your Home Depot PRO Rep to have them review your buildings, processes, equipment and for an on-site SECURITECH demo.

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SIPC Contact:
Kay Dosier, SIPC Managing Director