Define, Measure, Manage & Improve

We help school districts streamline their facility maintenance operations by providing online training and software for conducting inspections & surveys.

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How the SIPC Facility
Management System Works

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Your Success

What Are Your Expected Results?

The start of effective performance management is to define the success parameters for your program. In other words, what are you going to inspect and what results do you want to achieve? You should expect different levels of cleanliness performance i.e. the loading dock will have lower expectations than the restroom.

With the SIPC FMS specification tool you can have a detailed specification for each room type in your building completed in minutes a and these specifications can be adjusted based on the level of quality or the results you expect for each room

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Success; Measure Failure

Measuring Your Performance

Once you have defined your success and defined your performance expectations, you all want to measure your success against these standards through reports that highlight those rooms that are meeting your success targets and rooms that do not meet targets. Recording these results is simple and efficient because SIPC FMS includes an intuitive mobile application that facilitates accurate and objective evaluations of your cleaning program to allocate labor and other resources to improve performance.

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Through Information

Manage Your Performance

The right performance measurement information creates can create a roadmap for managing your service delivery program. This is done by understanding the report information and using these findings as actionable steps for improvement. SIPC FMS multi-tiered reports provide the analysis you need for effective management.

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Improve Your Performance

SIPC FMS Problem/Prevention model explores the root cause of the problem and sets action to correct that root cause. For example, if all mirrors exhibit steaks, it may be that the cleaning procedure itself simply does not work (Common cause), or it may be that one cleaner is not performing well (Special cause). In the first case, the solution is a change in the system of cleaning; in the second case, the solution is training of the underperforming worker.

What School Districts are Saying?

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Deliver More Results - Using Less Resources

SIPC FMS goes beyond fixing problems by tracking the conditions of the items in the rooms - enabling you to focus on the exact item and condition (and associated task) that caused the performance failure, condition, or defect. This attribute-based approach goes beyond the "find and fix" paradigm and enables you to focus on a "find and prevent" model, where the resources are conserved and real savings are found.

In short, the SIPC FMS system will design a customized worker-training, systems innovations and improvement program for you.

The result - Your Result - is a cleaner facility, more satisfied occupants, a healthier, safer environment and a path to lower cost.
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